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Steel Range

An exclusive stainless steel product range of custom made pedestals, seats and tables ideal for owners of yachts and pleasure boats.

aluminium range

A high-quality aluminium range of stable and durable pedestals, seats and tables ideal for fishing and trailer boats.



Luxury Boat Seats From Marine Tech Industries

Marine Tech Industries combines the best of New Zealand marine technology and Australian manufacturing innovation to bring you quality when it comes to seating products, such as boat pedestals and twin helm seats. Whether you need marine chairs for powerboats, want to enhance your boat with luxury helm chairs, or add twin seats to motor yachts, look no further than Marine Tech Industries. When you have bought a beautiful boat, you want beautiful seats to enjoy the ride!

Our Complete Range of Seats Are Made to Last

Durability, style, and quality are the hallmarks of our marine chair product range. Marine Tech Industries offers a range of boating seats that are suitable for all areas of the boating industry. Boat chairs need to be able to stand up to the rigours of life on the sea, as water and sun can wreck havoc on both the metal and fabric. The sun can fade, weaken and crack fabric, particularly in the case of speed boats with no sunshield. Water is understandably an element boat chairs have to cope with. Whether it is salt water or fresh water, you need fabric that will resist deterioration. Of course, salt water comes with another whole host of issues. It is notorious for rusting metal, and therefore any metal you use in your boat needs to be rust resistant - with chairs being no exception. At Marine Tech Industries, we understand the environmental factors that our boat chairs have to face, and we have worked hard to ensure they can go the distance.

We Offer Our Entire Line of Marine Seating Products Online

You can purchase online from our extensive range of marine recliner products from all over the world. We offer a choice of stainless steel or aluminum, or we can custom build to your requirements. Custom chairs can be professionally finished to enhance your luxurious d├ęcor. There is no reason why you should ever have to settle for less than the luxury boating chairs you have always dreamed of having. When you buy from our range of chairs and pedestals for your boat, you know that you are getting only the best.

We continually strive to provide all of our customers with the best luxury marine seats in the world at affordable prices. We know that our customers work hard to pay for their boats, and as such, we feel that it is our job to ensure that when they invest in luxury pedestals and chairs, they should live up to every expectation that our customers have.